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facebook privacy -site:facebook.com

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Dieci consigli per tutelare la privacy su Facebook

La Stampa - ‎26 lug 2016‎
L'estate è sicuramente il periodo più social dell'anno. Secondo un'indagine condotta da Facebook tra maggio e settembre 2015, infatti, in questa stagione gli italiani condividono il 15% di contenuti in più rispetto al resto dell'anno per un totale di ...
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Schrems and Facebook privacy case: next round set for February

Irish Times - ‎25 lug 2016‎
She brought proceedings after making a draft finding last May that Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems had raised well-founded objections on whether existing channels breach the data privacy rights of EU citizens. That finding arose from a complant ...
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US Joins Privacy Case Over Facebook Data Transfers From EU

Fortune - ‎19 lug 2016‎
The U.S. authorities had asked the Irish High Court to be a party to the case taken by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems against Facebook FB 0.32% , which has its European headquarters in Dublin, over data transfers from the EU to the United States.
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Social media privacy settings users need to know

East Valley Tribune - ‎20 ore fa‎
Facebook: The largest social media site in the world actively encourages users to overshare, but does include strong privacy settings, though they're a bit hidden. From a Facebook profile page, users should click the padlock icon in the upper-right ...

Could Facebook Live change the way courts think about privacy law?

Columbia Journalism Review - ‎14 lug 2016‎
Founder & CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Facebook's F8 Developers Conference. (Photo by Brian Solis via Flickr).

Here's why your Facebook privacy settings don't matter

Phoenix Business Journal (blog) - ‎19 lug 2016‎
Facebook users may have privacy settings to shield unwanted people from seeing their photos and personal information, but University of Phoenix IT professor Dan Konzen is out to show just how easy it is to hack into someone's account.

Lock Down Your Facebook Account For Maximum Privacy And ...

Komando - ‎16 lug 2016‎
Privacy concerns are on the minds of everyone, and with good reason. With all of the various websites, software programs and applications collecting our data, it's enough to make anyone nervous.
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Facebook Privacy Champion Schrems Says New EU-US Data Deal ...

Sputnik International - ‎14 lug 2016‎
This week, the EU and the US signed off a replacement for Safe Harbor, called Privacy Shield, which is claimed to protect European citizens from mass surveillance by the US authorities.

Bob and Joy Schwabach: Privacy checkup on Facebook maintains ...

Worcester Telegram - ‎17 lug 2016‎
If you use Facebook, but worry about it sharing your personal information with strangers, we have a fix. It's Facebook's "Privacy Checkup." From your computer, go to Facebook.com and click the tiny picture of a padlock next to the tiny picture of a ...

10 things you should do to help protect your privacy on Facebook

ThaiVisa News - ‎13 lug 2016‎
Used by people of all ages from all over the world, it offers many benefits from keeping in touch and sharing photographs to being a fantastic source of information for news and all manner of things.
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A Malnate l'ombra del maniaco

La Prealpina - ‎32 minuti fa‎
Mamma denuncia su Facebook: «Mia figlia di 11 anni inseguita da un immigrato ubriaco». E spuntano ... A denunciare l'episodio è la madre della ragazzina, che ha affidato lo sfogo ai social network e in particolare al gruppo pubblico Facebook “Sei di ...
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Snapchat is the latest tech company to be sued for mapping faces

Quartz - ‎25 lug 2016‎
Facebook and Google have also been sued in Illinois over their facial recognition software. That technology helps users accurately tag photos in Facebook Moments and Google Photos. Both companies have backed efforts to amend the state's law. Facebook ...

Facebook's tiny padlock lets users open variety of privacy options

Northwest Arkansas News - ‎18 lug 2016‎
If you use Facebook, but worry about it sharing your personal information with strangers, we have a fix. It's Facebook's Privacy Checkup. From your computer, go to Facebook.com and click the tiny padlock next to the tiny globe in the upper right ...
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Daniel Radcliffe has you keep your cell phone on at 'Privacy'

New York Daily News - ‎19 lug 2016‎
The request goes against one of the cardinal rules of theater etiquette. But at “Privacy,” which stars Daniel Radcliffe at the Public Theater, you're told to leave your cell phone ON.

Don't Fall For The Recent Facebook Privacy Status Hoax

The Droid Review (blog) - ‎15 lug 2016‎
We suppose you are a consistent Facebook user. If indeed you are, then you might have seen a certain post that people are passing on as an official message from officials of the social network insisting that users copy and paste the same message on ...

Think Your Facebook Account As Private As Your Settings? Think ...

Vulcan Post (press release) - ‎22 lug 2016‎
Just last month, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg reportedly irked his neighbours with his version of 'privacy settings' (in true Facebook style) at his Hawaiian holiday property. The 32-year-old erected a 1.8 metre tall wall barrier ...

French lone-wolf truck killer's privacy dodges detection

New York Daily News - ‎15 lug 2016‎
French lone-wolf truck driver who killed 84 was nearly impossible to detect or prevent. French lone-wolf truck killer's privacy dodges detection. BY Daniel Antonius. SPECIAL TO THE DAILY NEWS. Saturday, July 16, 2016, 12:50 AM. facebook; Tweet · email ...
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Europe gives Privacy Shield one year to work

The Register - ‎11 ore fa‎
Of course, the agreement is already under legal challenge by the very lawsuit that caused Safe Harbor to be struck down in the first place: Max Schrems' case against Facebook. But as Schrems indicated this week, his case has also been punted down the ...

Le foto ai tempi di Facebook: utilizzare quelle degli altri è reato

News&Com (Comunicati Stampa) (Blog) - ‎13 lug 2016‎
La diffusione quasi capillare dei social network in Italia e nel mondo, ha fatto emergere, in particolare negli ultimi anni, più di una questione relativa alla privacy e alla tutela dei nostri dati sensibili. A destare maggiore preoccupazione tra i ...
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Facebook, Twitter Cooperated With Brazil Probe of Alleged Militants

NBCNews.com - ‎25 lug 2016‎
The judge overseeing the probe that led to the arrest last week of suspected Islamist militants in Brazil said Facebook and Twitter cooperated with investigators by providing information about the suspects' use of both social networks.